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Magellan also offer Data Send and Data Send Europe which allow you to create your own personal charts.

The unique Data Send TM Europe software allows you to download your routes and waypoints from your GPS receiver to your PC, to easily record your journeys and edited them for future use on a new adventure.

With current GPS accuracy, the Spor Trak Pro will be accurate within 3 meters or better depending on line of sight to the satellites and the amount of strong satellite signals the receiver has.

The Bearing/Heading screens and Track Screens give information like Bearing, speed, direction and ETA options.

Although this does give a firm connection, I much prefer Garmin's cable connections over Magellan's.

Map details include streets, lakes, rivers, coastlines, parks, hunting and fishing, railways and points of interest for the entire United States.

This allows you to upload and store these maps to the Meridian with greater map detail than provided in the base maps.

Also if possible PLEASE rate my answer 4 thumbs up, it means a great deal to me. Here is the manual: Trak_series_Try updating the firmware.

Trak_Basic I heard of the "no pos" message fixed after a firmware update, and also with fresh Nim H bats.

The sides of the Spor Trak Pro are rubberised and easy to grip, it has a backlit keypad, albeit smaller than the Meridian GPS and a backlit display which caters for large fonts.

Like many other handheld GPS receivers, the Spor Trak Pro can track up to 12 satellites at any one time out of the current constellation, and fully supports WAAS (Wide Area Augmentation System) in the US and EGNOS in Europe.

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Jim This was very difficult to find but I tracked down the manual for you.

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